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A courtyard for Indian Dance, Yoga, Culture and Lore.

Aangan Academy combines the wisdom of traditional Indian art forms with the knowledge of ancient yogis to create a system of learning that takes a class from the mundane to the extraordinary. This system is used across all of Aangan Academy's offerings including the kid's dance classes in Odissi, the adult Harmony workshop and a myriad of presentations and books on holistic healing. Interested?


Welcome to our courtyard. Namaste.




Ongoing instruction in classical Odissi dance. We teach kids this 2000 year art form at the beginner level, and train them all the way through certification.

Stone Tower


Short term workshops to enhance your dance experience through in-depth intro sessions, choreography and holistic movement. For both kids and adults.

Aangan is offering a new intensive summer training camp in Odissi with Yoga for kids 8+ years.

This new 4-week training will teach a whole new dance, composed by our founder Ipshita, the basis of which is heavily based on Yoga, Indian philosophy of the Yugas and the journey of Krishna, the Lord Jaggannath.

At the end of the 4 weeks the student will be able to perform this dance on stage.

This dance will also lay the foundation for future training in Odissi.


To learn more about the benefits of Odissi with Yoga CLICK HERE.

Summer Camp 2023


Our mission is to demonstrate to students that at Aangan Academy, in a safe and supportive space, dance and holistic movement can be used to express, elevate, discover, and transform. It is our belief that once they are given this space to grow; they are empowered to give masterful performances; whether on stage, in the classroom, in the family room, or in the boardroom.

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