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The Values that define AANGAN ACADEMY


Our mission is to provide our students with a unique opportunity to express themselves through dance and to discover themselves through movement. We aim to educate and empower our students so that they may evolve and entertain through dance.


An aangan is a central courtyard in an Indian home. It is an open, common space which is used for welcoming guests, having get-togethers, praying, snoozing in the sunlight, practicing dance, drying spices, dreaming under a star-lit sky and many other things. This sacred space is the heart of the home.

A courtyard, studio or stage are all sacred spaces in which aspiring dancers practice, learn or perform their art. A sacred space allows them to shed self-consciousness and gain self-confidence. They then experience the magical feeling of releasing the focus on the sequence of movements to simply being one with the universe as the body moves without thought. This magical experience inspired AANGAN to offer a courtyard [aangan] for creative expression where you can dance your infinite possibilities


Our mantra is our logo. The outer square figure of the logo defines a mandala. A mandala is a piece of art used to focus your mind. The four sides of this mandala represent BLISS, CREATIVITY, ABUNDANCE and LOVE. The universal truth of this mandala symbolizes an infinite cycle that says, if you follow your BLISS, you allow for the unfolding of many CREATIVE petals, which generates ABUNDANCE in your life that always opens the door for LOVE. When you are expressing from the space of your heart you are in BLISS and the cycle repeats. Inside the mandala the red lotus with infinite petals represents cosmic harmony. At the center of the lotus is AANGAN, a sacred place to focus and center yourself through dance.


Our vision is to offer a student a sacred place where they can center themselves through dance. .

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